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Premier Pool Service will Open Your Pool

Now that the cold season is over, pool owners prepare to open their swimming pools for the warmer seasons. Even though the sun is shining and the water is warm, the pool isn’t quite ready for swimmers yet. Premier Pool Service is here to provide tips, on what to expect when you open your swimming pool, with the following easy-to-read instructions. With a little bit of work, you will be on your way to having a clean pool and a stress-free spring opening! Let us show you how to open a pool with this fail proof list of tips!

If you are a new pool owner or are taking care of your pool for the first time, you may want to call Premier Pool Service and request our Pool Opening Service. Premier Pool Service will be happy to send one of our trained and certified technicians to your house and have them assist you with opening your pool. They will also provide tips on how to easily open your pool in the future.


If you have a winter cover or a solid safety cover, the first thing you will want to do is sweep or blow all the leaves off of the cover before removal. This will not only lessen the amount of debris in your water, but will make for a happy closing next winter!


With an extra set of hands, if available, remove the cover from your pool. It is inevitable that a little water and debris will fall into the pool from the cover, and this is OK. You will be shocking and vacuuming the pool, so a small amount of water and debris won’t hurt anything.


After removing the pool cover, you will want to lay it out and brush away the remaining debris. Once the cover has dried, sprinkle both sides with Alkalinity Up or calcium powder to prevent mold and mildew buildup. Fold the cover loosely and store in a cool, dry place.


Use a garden hose to fill the water level in your pool back to its normal level. This is typically around the middle of the skimmer opening or halfway up the tile.

If you didn’t winterize your pool, you can skip down to Step 9.


If you arranged for your pool to be serviced for freezing temperatures over the winter, you will want to reconnect all the pool equipment. This includes reconnecting your filter, pump, heater, and any other disconnected equipment.


Make sure to take out all the winterizing plugs from your swimming pool equipment. This may include your pump, filter, heater, booster pump, and pool cleaners. Remember to reinstall each regular drain plug.


Now is the moment you’ve been anticipating, you will want to start turning most of your pool equipment back on. This includes priming the pump and turning on the circulation and filtration system. If you have an air relief valve on your filter, make sure to open it to bleed the air from the system.


Once the filtration system has run for multiple hours, you will want to test your pool water for pH, Total Alkalinity, and Chlorine levels using a good test kit. Ideal levels for these chemicals should be:

  • pH: 7.4 to 7.6
  • Total Alkalinity: 80 to 120 ppm
  • Chlorine: 2.0 to 4.0 ppm


It is now time to begin regulating your pool chemistry to safe, comfortable swimming levels. You will be able to control the pH and chlorine levels in your water by adjusting the Total Alkalinity.


When the Total Alkalinity is within its proper range of 80-120 ppm, you can now adjust the pH balance in your pool. Bringing the Total Alkalinity back to a normal range should have pushed the pH level close to normal, as well. If the pH is not between 7.4 and 7.6, not to worry.


Your pool’s calcium hardness level should always be above 150 ppm. If the calcium hardness is too low, you can bring it up by adding Hardness Plus.


After your pool chemistry has been regulated, there will still be some remaining dirt and debris from the colder seasons. Now is the time to thoroughly brush and vacuum your pool, giving special attention to areas near pool steps, ladders, or additional equipment you mat have.

13. RUN THE FILTRATION SYSTEM OVERNIGHTFiltration will filter out all the dirt, debris, algae, and bacteria still floating in your pool after brushing and vacuuming your pool.


Shocking the pool will eliminate nearly all the remaining bacteria and contaminants in your water after the winter off season. Shock products will quickly and effectively shock your pool. Be sure to read the instructions to determine how much you should add to your pool.

Contact Premier Pool Service with any pool maintenance needs you might have. We offer multiple cleaning packages, as well as upgrades, repairs and installations. We are more than qualified to open and close your pool when the seasons change. Call Premier Pool Service Today!

Transforming your Pool & Yard with Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting – Ideas & Benefits

Pool lighting allows you to transform your backyard environment and enhance your family’s pool experience.

Customized pool lights allow pool owners to change the mood and highlight water features and architectural elements throughout the pool. Pool lighting helps create a backyard atmosphere that’s exceeding yours. Today’s energy-efficient LED pool lighting helps you save money and improve safety for night swimming and backyard entertainment.

Benefits of Pool and Spa Lighting

Pool lighting can help create a backyard pool experience that meets your expectations and achieves your dreams. Here are some of the many benefits of pool lighting:

  • Creates shimmering effects on water features in the pool
  • Adds vibrant, mood-enhancing color
  • Allows you to use the pool in the evening
  • Improves visibility and safety
  • Can be effective with additional lighting throughout the yard
  • Defines walls, decks, and architectural elements

Set the Tone

You can use the captivating magic of lighting to create a back yard oasis that expands far beyond your pool. Lighting in and around your pool adds beauty, drama and mystery to your pool environment.

With all the options pool lighting achieves, from white lights to color effects, these lights will catch your eye. Lift the tone with bright lights and playful color effects intended to be suitable for any occasion or event. Bring enthusiasm to your back yard oasis with mood-enhancing lighting. Celebrate holidays or birthdays with jubilant colored lights. Whatever your mood, pool lighting lets you create the back yard atmosphere that you desire.

Emphasize Water Features

You can emphasize beautiful water features in your backyard and pool area with distinctive lighting solutions using LED lights.

These small, vibrant lights are the perfect solution for illuminating water features in your backyard or pool:

  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Spas
  • Jets
  • Steps
  • Bubblers
  • Baja shelves

Heighten Pool Safety

Pool safety is heightened with the additional use of pool lighting. Pool, spa, and backyard lights can provide luminescence for night swimming or poolside safety while entertaining.

Pool lighting enhances the visibility and safety for your guests around your pool. It improves contrast and highlights transitions between the pool and decks, walkways, stairs and other hard-to-see places. Underwater lighting allows for safer, more enjoyable swimming at night. Not only is it easier for swimmers to see at night, it is also a great way to provide better visualization when monitoring others, especially children and pets.

Pool lighting prolongs the life of your pool, allowing you to take full control of your pool after night falls. Night swimming is a unique and very relaxing pool experience increased by the luminescence lighting.

Enjoy Your Pool – Day and Night

Adding lighting can change the mood and feel of your pool, it also provides a luminescent elegance to your backyard atmosphere. It can extend the use of your pool so that you can take full advantage of summer nights – enjoy a swim and an active social life by the pool on beautiful evenings. The lighting you choose can increase safety by improving visibility and highlighting architectural areas, such as stairs and ramps. Enjoy a beautiful outdoor environment, even when it’s dark out, when you add LED pool lighting.

Hire Premier Pool Service to install beautifully selected LED pool lights to enhance your backyard and pool. We also offer multiple service packages, repairs, upgrades and installations. Contact us today!

Maintaining your Pool Heater

A properly installed and maintained heat pump or pool heater can last five to ten years or longer, before having to replace or upgrade. However, if you follow these maintenance tips you can avoid common problems and extend the life of your pool heater.

Your pool heat pump does not require a lot of maintenance.  The main thing you have to be aware of is keeping the pump free of debris; such as leaves or pine needles and occasionally ensure there are no rodents nesting inside or chewing on wires.

Pool Chemical Balance

It is common during weekly/monthly pool maintenance to check the chemical balance in the water of your swimming pool. With the chemicals balanced correctly in your pool they also determine the performance of the pool heater/ pump.

We strongly recommend that you monitor your water pH balance weekly or hire Premier Pool Service to perform maintenance check ups on your pool. It is easy to maintain good  balanced water in your swimming pool; however, if the swimming pool water is unbalanced there could be possible damage done.

Most importantly, poorly maintained pool water is unhealthy for you, your family and your friends when using your pool.  That is why it is important to properly maintain your pool & keep your water chemistry balanced. This is something that Premier Pool Service can help you with.

Winterizing your Pool & Heater

Take time to close your pool for the off season

During winter months, it is important to remove water from your pool heater, PVC pipes, pump and filter to avoid damage from ice.  Water expands when it freezes and may lead to leaks or pipes bursting if you leave water in equipment during winter months. This kind of damage will require replacement.

You are not subjected to winterize your swimming pool. If you have a pool heater and you’re still going to operate and swim in your pool. Then the best thing to do is keep the pool water flowing. If there is constant movement between all the pipes, damage shouldn’t occur. The only time the pipes would freeze over is if the water is still. Therefore there is an alternative option, if you wanted to still use your swimming pool in the off-season.

Invest in a Pool Cover
If you decide to drain your pool pumps & pipes of water and close down your pool for the off-season, then you will want to invest in a pool cover. Pool covers protect your pool heat pump from snow, ice, rain, leaves, sand, pine needles, dust and other harsh elements. One of the benefits of investing in a pool cover is that your pool unit will look better and last longer for years to come.

Maintain Proper Water Flow Rate
Ensure your swimming pool filter has proper flow rate by washing debris from the cartridge regularly. Otherwise your pool heater may not function efficiently if water is unable to pass through the cartridge.

Hire Premier Pool Service

To ensure that your swimming pool is properly closed for the off-season, hire Premier Pool Service to assist you with any maintenance needs. We over multiple service packages that are low costing and get the job done. Have a clean swimming pool for a low price! Contact us today!

How to Create a Low Costing Energy Bill

Premier Pool Service recommends that you follow these steps if you want to reduce your energy bill. A swimming pool pump is one of the highest energy consumers for a household. Following these few steps can help you create a low costing energy bill each month. For a more energy efficient swimming pool and low costing energy bill please, read below.

1: How to Reduce Energy Bills

There are multiple ways that you can reduce the cost of your energy bill with your swimming pool pump. The swimming pool pump is responsible for circulating water throughout the pool, which keeps it clean. If there is a noticeable change in your swimming pool clarity, it would most likely indicate that the pool pump needs to be cleaned or replaced.

2: How long to Run your Pool Pump

The average pool pump runs 12 hours summer, and 6 hours winter; However, there are multiple variables that affect how much filtering your pool water needs.

When a pool builder or pool contractor designs a swimming pool or inground pool, most use an 8-hour turnover formula to size the pool pump and filter. That is, the size of the pump and matching filter is large enough to pump and filter all of the water in the pool, in an 8 hour time period.

For a 20,000 gallon pool, an 8-hour filter system (pump, filter, valves, pipes) would be designed to produce at least 42 gallons per minute, or gpm.

3: Upgrading your Pool Pump

Upgrading your swimming pool pump is one of the most effective ways to create an energy efficient pool. Having a new variable speed pump is the perfect solution to cutting down costs and the best way to keep your swimming pool clean. Variable speed pumps are designed to pump & filter water throughout your pool in an efficient amount of time without having to run your pump 24/7, which would raise costs.

Did you know that a typical variable speed pump can pay for itself in as little as 1 to 2 years? Premier Pool Service specializes in upgrading outdated pool pumps to new, energy efficient pumps. Many energy companies will give you a rebate when you upgrade your pump! This is the perfect opportunity for you to get paid to save money. Our Jandy/Zodiac Pool Pumps are designed to minimize the amount of energy used to circulate water in your swimming pool, so you will be saving money all year round.

4: Choosing Premier Pool Service


Premier Pool Service, is an outstanding pool service company and can help you with not only your pool maintenance, but with upgrades and repairs as well. Premier Pool Service has multiple service packages available to their valued customers to choose from. There are packages for basic pool maintenance and packages for a more detailed pool maintenance, which includes more cleaning than just the basic poolcleaning. We are capable of running evaluations on your pool equipment and can offer you excellent rates based on if your equipment needs replacing or if you want to upgrades.

If you are in need of a new pool pump, contact Premier Pool Service today! Read more articles based on how to take care of your pool pump & how to be more energy efficient.