Commercial Pool Service


No matter whether if it’s an apartment complex, hotel, health club or day care, a regularly maintained and properly balanced pool is a direct reflection of your concern for the health and safety of your tenants, guests or members. You only have one chance to make a first impression and your pool is often a big part of that impression. Premier Pool Service understands that having the pool closed due to improper pH levels or unsanitary conditions is not just undesirable…it’s unacceptable.

Premier Business Service

Commercial pool service has professionally handled by Premier Pool Service for 30 years. Our commercial pool maintenance program includes the cleaning of your pool, pump room duties, pool deck safety and a 10 point water test to ensure proper water balance.

Number One Reason for Commercial Pool Closures

Improper water balance is the #1 reason for commercial pool closure next to equipment malfunction. It’s easier to prevent a problem than to fix one, so using Pristine’s commercial pool service is a smart way to keep your public swimming pool safe, clean and open 99.99% of the time. This makes you look good and makes your tenants, guests or members happy.

What Type of Properties Use Premier Pool Service?

Our customers range from residential to commercial. We’ve worked with virtually every industry that uses pools. Whether it’s a pool for leisure, sports, tenants, guests or simply for aesthetic purposes such as fountains, Premier Pool Service maintains them. Here’s a list of a few industries in which Premier performs commercial pool services.

Homeowner Associations Swim Clubs Diving Pools
Apartment Complexes Health Clubs Specialty Pools
Hotels Country Clubs Childrens Pools
Motels Sports Clubs Public Fountains

Commercial Pool Maintenance Program

Below you'll find all the services performed in our commercial pool maintenance program. Prices will vary by pool size.

  • Skim Water Surface
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Brush Walls and Steps
  • Clean / Empty Skimmer Baskets
  • Check / Adjust All Chemical Levels
  • Ensure Weir Gate is Functioning Properly
  • Ensure Main Drain and Equalizer Covers are ASME/ANSI and VGB Compliant
  • Check Water Temp on Spa
  • Empty Pump Basket
  • Backwash Filter
  • Check Gauges for Proper Operation
  • Check Equipment for Proper Operation
  • Fill Chemical Feeders
  • Record and Maintain Service Records
  • Report any Problems or Possible Violation to Manager on Duty
  • Arrange All Furniture
  • Inspect Deck Equipment for Safety Compliance
  • Ensure Adequate Signage and Placards are Displayed According to Health and Safety Code
  • Free Available Chlorine
  • Combined Available Chlorine
  • Total Available Chlorine
  • Bromine (if applicable)
  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Cynauric Acid
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Copper
  • Iron

Commercial Pool Services We Perform

Below you'll find a list of the most common pool services requested by our commercial customers.

Chlorine Washes Main Drain & Equalizer Cover Replacement
Automatic Chemical Controllers Automatic Pool Sweeps
Complete Equipment Replacement Heater Repair
Energy Efficient Pumps Solar Heating
Solar Activated / De-Activated Hot Water Spa Expertise
Pump Seal Replacement Pool Accessories
Filter Repair / Flow Improvement Train Newly Hired Employees On Operations
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