Pool Tile Cleaning

We Will Get Your Pool Tiles Sparkling Clean!

We specialize in removing those stubborn Calcium deposits most pool owners struggle with. Our specialized equipment can safely remove those stains quickly and effectively, and your pool tile can look bright and clean, almost like new again.

Your Pool Tile Gets Calcium From 2 Sources

It will bleed through the grout from the underlying surface, if that surface was not properly sealed before the tile was installed. These are the areas where the Calcium appears to be dripping out of the grout lines. These areas can be treated, but unfortunately the reoccurrence can’t be stopped. These areas will require periodic treatment to keep these areas clean.
It can also accumulate at the waterline if the PH (acid level) of the pool water is allowed to be too high for too long. This is that white line that is present at the waterline. This can also be easily cleaned, and they can be kept in check with proper PH balance.


Pool Tile Cleaning Service & Pool Tile Repair Service

Our goal is to make your pool tile look new again. First, we shut off your filter system (and auto-fill valve). In order for us to clearly see the calcium that needs to be removed, we drop the water level of your pool approximately 6″ below the bottom of the tile.

To protect your tile, the bead that we use is very fine, almost like a powder. However, the bead is heavy enough to fall down to the bottom of the pool. After we clean your tile, we vacuum the bead into a canvass bag for recycling. This vacuuming process removes 99% of the bead from the bottom of the pool.

Sometimes, your pool water will look cloudy after cleaning, especially if we are cleaning rock. This will clear up in a couple of days after your system is back to running again. We recommend rinsing out your cartridge filter (the big filter) after a week or so. Finally, we apply a polish to your newly cleaned tile. This polish will give the tile that “wet look” and your tile will shine like new.

Keep in mind, we cannot prevent the calcium from coming back. The time it takes for the calcium to return will depend on how hard your water is, normally, 3-5 years. After we are finished, it is the customers' responsibility to refill the pool. When your pools’ water level is back to normal, the customer turns the system back on and resets the timers for the pool sweep, if needed. Premier Pool Tile Cleaning Service will not leave a mess. We are committed to leaving your pool and surroundings clean and tidy. We also clean pool coping (bull-nose brick and cement) and rock waterfalls.

We Repair Damaged Pool Tiles Like New!

Pool tile differs from bathroom tile in that it is formulated to be frost free, or manufactured to prevent water absorption. It's made to be very durable but over time it will still chip and require repair. Broken swimming pool tiles leave a bad impression. But this is extremely common and a relatively quick fix. Typically, fixing your pool tiles is fairly simple, and rarely requires replacing all of the tiles. If you don’t have your exact missing tile, don’t worry, we can replace it by getting in touch with the local supplier and can sometimes find a perfect match.

Occasionally, the pool tile supplier has discontinued the tile. In this case we will match the color as best we can. Once we replace the damaged tiles, it takes two days or so for the grout to set up and dry. Premier Pool Service is an expert pool tile repair and restoration service, so our work will be usually be finished within a day, and your pool tile will look sparkling clean and new again.

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